Poverty is a dreaded disease confronting mankind, and many people need little capital in order to be able to start something and make it in life. ‘’A woman who leaves a man of vision to marry a man with Television set will soon watch a man of vision in her husband’s Television set’’.
As part of our effort in helping eradicating poverty in individuals or group of people, We, at PETTAI HUMANITARIAN SERVICES in collaboration with some organisations, companies and individuals have decided to give away $100 to each person who is privilege to make it to this page and completes 3 to 4 steps which will take you between 5 minutes to 15 minutes, then you get $100 as a reward, without spending a dime.
PETTAI HUMANITARIAN SERVICES HAS TOUCHED MANY LIVES; the only person who will not receive $100 reward is someone who is too impatient to spend just 15 minutes of his/her time.
Your opinion or input is to help us at PETTAI HUMANITARIAN SERVICES and our partners to improve on our services.
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